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College Special: Finding a No Fee Apartment Before Fall Semester!

So you’ve just been accepted to NYU, Columbia or the New York City school of your choice. Then you saw the price of the dorms. Yikes! More and more students are moving off campus into NYC apartments to save some money, especially in today’s economy.

What are the best student-friendly neighborhoods? What factors should I consider when looking for my NYC No fee apartment? How much time do I need? These are all questions you are probably asking yourself. Good thing I am here to answer them for you!

Of course, you can’t go wrong living in the neighborhood immediately around your school. Columbia University occupies a huge chunk of the city in the Upper West Side, where many students (not just Columbia undergrads) live. Pretty much anywhere in the Village will be perfect for an NYU student. Similarly, New School scholars will find anything around or west of Union Square quite convenient. Many businesses, from delis to salons (!) in these neighborhoods offer student discounts. You’ll be close to your classes, as well as to your friends who live in the dorms.

However, if you don’t mind commuting from your no-fee apartment, there are plenty of neighborhoods away from campus that appeal to students. These include my neighborhood of
Williamsburg in Brooklyn (on the L train 5 minutes from the Village!), Morningside Heights and the Lower East Side. These neighborhoods foster a kind of artistic spirit that a lot of students really appreciate.

There are many factors students should consider, especially if this will be your first year living in New York. Always ask where the closest subway, bus, laundromat and grocery store are. Think about what you want in terms of these factors. Will you be coming home late at night? Will you be shopping at a specialty supermarket such as Whole Foods? It’s also a good idea to find out what your neighbors are like…it’s always good to have friends nearby!

When moving to New York for college, you should start your New York apartment search about 3-4 weeks ahead of time to find your ideal No Fee apartment. There is a lot of turnover this time of year and you don’t want to rush your decision and end up in an unhappy living situation! Good luck!



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