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Gas Rationing Begins in NYC Post-Hurricane

moving to nyc hurricane sandyGas rationing began this morning in New York City and Long Island based on even/odd license plate numbers in an effort to regain stability of infrastructure following the devastation from Hurricane Sandy.

It would be interesting to know how many people had been planning to relocate to New York City for a job or artistic opportunity, or to be with family, only to have a huge wrench thrown in their plans by the superstorm. What do you do if the place you had set your heart and resources behind moving to, is thrown into disarray right before or as you are moving in? How do you recognize the place you were expecting and how do you cope with the challenges?

A few search engine queries on the subject of moving to NYC after Sandy, return much news about Sandy “herself” moving in, but little direction for the original question. In so much as it is possible, Moving to New York Blog would like to reach out to the percentage of people in limbo right now. Please feel free to write-in with your specific concerns, difficulties, and any helpful information you might have to share.

Certainly, many have postponed their moves, but what about those of you who are aiming for ambiguously secure areas, and have ambivalent feelings about how to proceed? What about the people for whom delaying a move isn’t possible? How are you forging your way, and do you find that emotional support is what you want at this time, as much as other needs?

What makes matters even more complicated is the fact that the infrastructure is effected in such an array of ways, that the services one would normally rely upon, may not be running up to par. This is when a community, grass-roots effort of ordinary street-journalists becomes paramount to collect relevant information as it unfolds and to organize it to be as useful to everyone as possible.

We welcome your perspectives and reporting as the situation develops and we wish everyone the mental/physical/emotional strength to stay safe, positive, and informed. No matter your religious or spiritual affiliation, the act of praying can inform and recommit your unconscious of the principles you hold firm to, and the attitudes that best serve you at this time.


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